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Repay a percentage of your daily sales, without the worry of falling behind. If your revenues slow, so do your repayments
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What is LGP Dao

  • The LGP Dao mode is a fund RBF mode of the LGP investment form of decentralization. It uses a joint venture contract and a decentralization system to share the daily turnover with the venture project enterprise. LGDAO is only concerned with the internal rate of return (IRR) and does not wish to permanently dilute the enterprise's equity. Initially, LGP DAO will request a corresponding investment return based on its required capital contribution ratio to startup project enterprises. If the enterprise performs well in the later stages, after LGP DAO has earned its capital, it may consider further lowering the return requirement, releasing a portion of the profit, and providing more space to startup project enterprises.
  • Simultaneously, LGP DAO will raise funds by issuing coins on the blockchain market. It can achieve the advantage of continuous rising and never falling through project design (the turnover is continuously increased every day, and LGP is repurchased at the same time, to ensure the logic of coins' continuous rising), mechanism setting, and risk prevention mechanism design (the cost of selling coins will increase by at least 10% when the price drops by more than 30%, to increase the selling loss and reduce the kinetic energy of selling).
  • The projects invested by LGDAO can give all the pledgers the realistic privilege of getting the corresponding level in the invested industrial projects.
LGP DAO is "RBF Fund DAO of decentralization", which is a privilege that investors can inherit forever.
  • The real investment of decentralization Dao
  • Divide the turnover of global entities
  • Dao, the world's first decentralization RBF fund
  • Through mechanism and project design, tokens can achieve the vision of continuously rising and never falling.

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